Thursday, May 27, 2010

Touched by God

When Shri Nanaka got realized, people say that he was touched by God. He glowed like the sun and radiated love like the moon.

How great would it be, to be touched by God? When you are in total presence of God and you know that it's real, that it's happening. Wouldn't it be great to totally realize God, totally find Him, totally love Him, totally respect Him, totally care for Him and totally know Him? It will be the day to live when you are touched by God. Just a mere twitch in the consciousness and there you are, amazingly close to then never before. You know not, what it is but you know at that moment that it is nothing else but Him. There are no comparisons, no similarities; nothing resembles the feeling, that's why it's just an experience that explains. It's like telepathy, without saying anything too, you know what is being conveyed.

Can you think of a time you were extremely happy? Extremely happy? So happy that you forgot yourself? If not, you'll soon. If yes, then imagine multiplying that happiness a trillion times, can you? I can't, to be honest. But the magnitude is to be felt and realized. It's an individual experience to have, but in the end, all the experience is the same. The amount of compassion and love that fills up in the heart is unmanageable, sometimes, love just pours up from the eyes and sometimes you feel so beautifully heavy that you cry loud with Joy. And yet, you are very silent, so silent that you are always with Him. Compassionate silence defines Him the most. But I can't bind Him with my small little tiny combination of letters, He's big. He's so big and yet he can stay comfortably in my heart. My heart can't be so big but it was Him who was compassionate to stay in my tiny heart.

Eyes laugh with Joy, and Heart, it pours only compassion, brain becomes totally settled and everywhere you see, its just joy, pure joy. The world suddenly seems very big and in that big world, you see Him, totally silent and joyous. It's very amazing to see that words are missing because it is now totally understandable why people could not describe more, they were busy being totally drenched in Joy. No joy compares it and you don't know how much it may last, so as far as you can, you just experience it. And that experience happens in another plane, so maybe the grammar and language of that plane doesn't do much justice to the language of this plane. When you are elaborating joy, it's a very difficult task. If you are happy of something, then you can describe the reason of happiness, things that led to that joy and the outcome. But when you are amazingly joyous for no reason at all, then what do you elaborate? Can you stretch a rubber which doesn't exist?

When time is just time, and nothing else, then the era of joy begins. When time has nothing else attached with it, then starts the real joy of living. When Absolute Joy, Love, Compassion and Satisfaction mix together to give something with amazingly indescribable brilliance, then starts the true existential justification. Is there a life, if you have not lived to its full potential? When time becomes absolute joy, then it becomes the actual justification of existence. Time ceases to function as its busy being joyous.

The instant, time is dissolved in joy, and then it is the actual beginning of the beginning. When consciousness only functions joy, then starts Absolute Compassion and that compassion is fully for that absolute joy.

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