Saturday, August 9, 2008

Shri Hanumana

A thousand salutations. I cannot humble more. I cannot even rise more. I do not know if I was born, ever, or am I to you, to be in you, your arms and shine in your eyes. Immortals perish, eras end, universe comes to a rest, you stay, stay in the essence, of me, you, we all, and the universe that just rested. The completeness in your eyes, the art of its strength, and the calm of its patience, dissolves the I. Such loyalty, such faith, a compare to none, only you, the mighty, the whole you, a jewel you. Rising, you as truth, as I sings your forgiveness. The I, not me, the I, me, minus I, the core, the essence, the existence of none. I longs your love and then waits to be you, you and you who prevail.

Contained, precise, a dictionary of its own, wisdom of its own origin and truth like the nothing, spread like universe and light like space, your praise echoes like the pulsations of the planet, the light of the core and like the corridor of completenss. Was it, now, is it now, or will it be now that I won’t be born again, you firm your essence from the heart of the Lord, from the care of Love and souls of heaven.

Be I not in play, nor in false, neither in nor, nor in neither, in your essence, in your all.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I was resting in my garden, just throwing my body in the grass, closing my eyes and just resting like I was nowhere. I could feel the beautiful flowers around me, and the occasional brushing of breeze was very pleasing. Then I felt something around me, something ran around me, and then stopped in front of me. I opened my eyes and sit hastily and was amazed to see a big man in front of me. He was a huge man, he was about 7 feet tall and wore a long white colour robe. He had long grey hair, and had such a beautiful smile. He was smiling at me and looked as if I was in his family. I was very confused, I could not ask anything, I was clueless, and then he nodded his head, then I suddenly with a rush spoke, ‘Who are you and how did you come here?’ He smiled again and then said, ‘Everyone knows me, you also know me.’ I was very confused, very jumbled up, very weird. There was a bucket, some metres away, in which water was filling up from a tap, but amazingly the tap was open, the bucket was full, but still the water was not overflowing. We looked at the bucket and then looked at me, then nodded his head again, then the water started to overflow. He looked at me again, then said in a very friendly voice, ‘So, you wanted to know my name..’

I was very terrified at this moment, I was feeling very thirsty, perspiring, I said nothing, just looked at him. He then said, ‘You see this flower.’ I looked at the flower, and then again looked at him. He touched the flower, then the flower suddenly began to wither, the red flower became pale and in no time, fell to the ground. I was very terrified this moment, very afraid. ‘Don’t be afraid son, don’t be.’, he said.
‘Who are you? Are you some magician, or some kind of …… ’
‘So you still haven’t recognized me.’
‘No, are you God or some kind of a devil, what are you, who are you.’

‘Hahaha….’, he smiled like an accomplished poet, and then said, ‘Well, humans give me many names, I am no God, nor am I a devil, but I am both as well. Sometimes I am potrayed as God and sometimes devil.’ He moved his hand towards me, and then touched me on my forehead, I got so terrified that I started to crawl away from him. He did this so swiftly that I could not get time to run away. Looking at this, he burst into a big laughter. And said, ‘Ahh…… humans.’ I then stopped and looked at him. He stood up still and the spread his hands wide and then vanished just like that.

I did not know what to do, I was very afraid, what would I be like, what will happen to me, he had touched me, will I wither like that flower, will I end? I was very terrified, then I looked at that flower, it was gone. There was a small plant there, at the place where the flower fell, and then I again looked at the place from which the flower had fallen off, there was amazingly a new, very marvelously beautiful flower.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


A cup of coffee doesn’t solve any problem. Also there is no harm in having one. How this global crisis is going to be solved? Who has the answer to this problem? So many things are happening so fast around us that we need to see below us, if the land remains. It’s as if we are moving on an escalator. Things are happening so rapidly and spontaneously. Let us group, flow some networks, look for corporate contacts, aim for a higher feedback, big salary, big profit, large futures, dream a holiday and dream a celebrity status. Are we done? There’s no point living a pessimistic life, and also there’s no point living an aimless life.

Isn’t it time that, we assessed ourselves? When will this discomfort of the society be solved? They say they have problems only in the poorer countries. Does this mean the richer ones live in heaven? Is a bath in diamonds and salvation in sex, the ultimate? Never. So, what does a poor county learn from these all? What example does a father give to his son, in different walks of life? Does he encourage his child to become like a Noble Prize Laureate, or a Rap star, a successful footballer, the Secretary of the United Nations or the President of America, a great scientist, a philosopher, a visionary, an actor, a model, a business tycoon? Whom does he look for, to make an idol for his children? Do any of them satisfy the need of a father? Maybe some do, maybe all of them do. Who’s there who can inspire you? An image which can make you feel that you have a part to play. A person who can sow a seed of gratitude and humility to do things the right way, the way it needs to be done. Is there any human alive this day, who can inspire you to live a life where you never wanted more? A life full of present. A life in which you do not need to grief about the past and never cry about the future. A person, who can show you the right way, the way to a life of beauty and love. And, of course, these days love and sex are used as synonyms, isn’t this a sign of something really strange, humans behaving like animals? So, who can be a leader to tame these animals? Who is there, who can teach humans to love again? And that, the love is all justified. Is there a human alive this present day, whose love is all justified, whose life is all justified, whose vision is all clear and powerful?

I go to find an icon in the history, whom I can say, is an idol. I person whom I can proudly say, I want to be like him, or a person I can suggest to a Father. The World history is full of icons. And not all are humans; some are angels and devils of the myths and some even God. Of course, we do not know if an angel or a God exist, but looking at the present scenario of the globe, one really thinks that devil does exist. Devil, in the form of all the mishaps and ills that is going on around the world. So, I need to make sure that I do not pick a devil from the pages of history. So where do I start from? Ahh, Prehistory.

Men were uncivilized beings then. They lived together but had no society. They slowly discovered wheels, fire, cooked food, made homes and some clothes made out of feather and leaves. It’s funny to see fashion industry still endorsing those leaves, what great respect to our ancient past! So, is he the idol, the one who first discovered fire, or clothing, or cooked food? Perhaps, he is. Hadn’t it been for him, we would still be hanging in trees and killing rabbits and deers, even mammoths, perhaps, for raw meat. So, what I get from him now? I can’t apply his theories of cooking food and wheels and fire today. He was radical. He taught people how to look for ideas, how to think for a better living, how to protect your body and how to eat better food and how to get shelter. He was farsighted, so he taught his son to work for community, as community was just a concept, then, which was near to be in practice. So, I say to a father, make your son radical, a person who works for others. Tell your son to analyze his necessities well and find a solution which works well, for all his community.

Then, men needed a community, they started farming, they kept animals, and had social gatherings. They started to analyze their necessities and together they lived. So, to live even better, they needed some rules, some rules of living. Similarly, people began to know how to trade, and how to establish relations between another human. But they were still brutal. Brutal in living, and thoughts. With trade and business came greed, and lust took bigger shape. So people became even more brutal. People were made slaves and treated like animals, sometimes by humans and sometimes by their own brains. They were living an unorganized life, not knowing what to do? So, now and then came a visionary who taught them how to live, how to be a human, how to get the most out of their livings?

While talking about the idols, while running through the human history, we find so many influential figures and icons. Let’s attempt to talk about the impact they made in a humane basis. All trying to lead us towards a happier and evolved state. So, the search for an idol went through many biographies and myths, many wars, and social conflicts, many tragedies and solutions, many religions and experiences.

It analyzed the Sainthood and Detachment of the 10,000 B.C King Janaka from the Hindu epic Ramayana, also the bravery, self-discipline and love of a true King, a true Son, King Rama, of the same era. The love and deed of a true Mother and a true wife was reflected by the same King’s wife, Sita. An ideal friend was played by Hanumana and an ideal brother by, Laxman. And then there was another King, Krishna, from the epic Mahabharata, who taught to be a witness to this Worldy happenings and how one should always complete his humane purpose, by his teachings in the epic Geeta, at about 6000 B.C. There was Moses, who taught human to fight against bad. And with him came the ways of living for all. The way he fought against slavery, was so brave and worth mentioning. His ten commandments, now become a basis of good living and many laws. Then was, Socrates who taught humans to analyze, and think, and explore. Though he welcomed death with his open arms, he died telling us to analyze. Also there was Zarathrustha, who respected females as the teachers of nobility and purity, and asked men to rise in morality by these teachings. Again, there was Confucius, who taught to live in fairness, modesty, wisdom, sincerity and well-wishing. There was Lao-Tse who always preached about action through inaction, and told to good everybody. There was Abraham who was so well- known for his benevolence, and always treated humans like precious jewel, and also there was Prophet Mohammed, who taught humans to feel the pain of another human and treat all equally. We have Jesus Christ, who through his forgiveness and love, taught us all to kill all our ego and live a saintly life. Again, there were Gautam Buddha and Mahabir, both of whom lived the life of a Sanyashi, leaving the pleasures of palace and preached about self-detachment, non-violence and forgiveness. We cannot forget Guru Nanaka, who always preached about equality in all religions.

And there was Alexander, the great, an icon of bravery and self-confidence. There were Archimedes and Plato, who influenced us towards scientific approach to life. Chanakya, minister to a Maurian King of the Maurya empire, so vastly known for his politics and intellect. We also know about Genghis Khan, the powerful Mongol King, whose empire conquered all Asia. We all praise Michangelo and Leonardo da Vinci for their creativity and versatility. We cannot forget Albert Einstein for his theory of relativity, Newton for gravity, Edison for his thousand inventions, Alfred Nobel for dynamite and the Nobel Prize, Jung for his psychoanalytical success, Freud for his sexual interpretation of the psyche, Hitler and Napolean for their bloodshed, Shakespeare for his powerful and fine dramas and poems and Babbage for his mechanical computer and Darwin for his evolutionary theory, Marx for this theories, Mahatma Gandhi for his simplicity and great inspirations. Our world is shaped by so many different categories fo people. There are so many of them, these icons, in history, who have constantly shaped the path of history and the fete of mankind and has now become a basis for the future human.

Bill Gates earned a lot, Pele hit so many goals, Jordon did many baskets, Ambani and Mittal grew great, China is betting for the economical leader, U.S wants control, some are dying for religion, some for nothing, many are depressed, many do not bother a bit, some enjoy in everything, and are in perfect control, NASA wants to go to Mars now, some are investing on green future, others are hoping they do so, all teenagers want to become like the person they see in television, television are showing whatever they like, internet is getting very crowded, so is the earth, but the forests are not, neither is love, Mayan calendar ends on 2012, we are in Kali Yuga of Hindu mythology, world economy is getting very unstable, climate is changing, so are people’s priorities, hate is increasing and so is the global temperature, earth is an island, the space station is in the space, world leaders are having groups, some are pretending, some are sane, some are not, humans want a change, so does the fox in the zoo, Africa is hungry, so is the Lion, water levels are rising, so is the temper, rich are enjoying their monopoly, not the poor, their poverty, Newsweek has plenty of news, Iraq is all the same, politicians can’t be trusted, so can’t be the baboon, skin is selling a ton, naked and in action, parents are confused, children are never burdened more ever, Branson wants to go to space, Obama is fighting, Abraham Lincoln and Kennedy share a mystery, it’s difficult to remove a tattoo, so is fear, habit and loss, there is energy crisis, so was it before industrial revolution, scandals are in the news, so is cancer and aids, humans are getting tired, scientists are growing, people want peace, more want pleasure, some death, middle east is very rich, there’s great competition, people want money, people spend so many, some tribes in brazil threw weapons to helicopters, people are still dying a natural death, blood is still red, people still don’t know if God exists, String theory is on the rise, so are killings everywhere, fantasy movies are ruling their business, specific movies for specific viewers are being popularized, video games include bigger, ruthless creatures, people are working days and nights for peace, for loneliness and for lust, humans were wilder then, now they are in clothes, but still the same, some know how to impress, some don’t, people want love, NGOs are INGOs are advertising more, people are teaching people to look for destiny, some are true, some just fake, some got the truth they searched, some wasted till death, there are more diseases than cures, some are cured miraculously, some are lucky, some aren’t.

The list goes on increasing, and will never stop, never, because human mind never stops, it always searches. It always searches for another stop, and stays for a time being and then tries to find another, no matter, if it takes centuries. So, what did I gain from this all? Did I get an idol from this search? I came to realize that, we are in a great state of evolution. We have passed so many years of human civilization and only recently has so many things happened so fast. So, it has now more emphasized my thought of assessing ourselves even more better. Are we running away from truth? I fear. So, I cannot really find an idol, because each individual is an individual, I conclude. He has his own role to play in the path of evolution. It would have been a different history if Shakespeare killed like Hitler and Alexander preached like Confucius. Each individual is a part of evolution and has a work to do. There might be some whose theories were questioned, and some whose falsity ruled, but they all played a part. Maybe, it’s what they were destined for. So, I ask a father to ask his son to search his own way out, of this trauma. I suggest him to make his son capable of judging right, in this vast field full of idols. Do not choose an idol, right away. So, the father has to give his son this ability to analyze and the son has to develop a longing towards a quest. A quest, that can be of anything, but he needs to have wisdom, to look at a thing from every perceivable angle, even happiness, even God! Only then can he become a human, and it is how he can grow, and see reality on true colour. You never know, this young boy can be the next idol!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


The whole world is waiting and watching. People seated with great anticipation, all know its going to happen, when will it happen? Its total darkness, all are staring at one direction, when will the curtain open, when can we see it? And finally, the curtain slowly rises from below and it gradually rises up. The dark slowly moves up and like a painter dissolves colours, the dark slowly faints down into a gradient. With great majesty, He comes out, like a King, a Master who is totally in full control, like a Leader, a warrior, moving forward with great Heart and confidence, He rises. Even though He does it everyday, He never stops, never misses His duty. And yet His first looks spread so much love into the world. The way he touches each and every element of this kingdom of His, it feels like a Father caressing his child, putting his hand over his child’s head and giving him life again. He does it everyday, and yet He never gets tired, He is so determined, so Brave.

He, greets a lovely morning to his child, and his collegues. The sky again starts to get its blue, and clouds come and join him. Air vibrates in joy getting his warmth. The fury of his soul is so tremendous and yet his warmth so lively, ‘Ah, my companion for spreading life.’, Air sighs. Oceans take a bow to him, just waiting to work together again and give circulation to the world. The Light slowly begins to spread everywhere, touching and loving everything. And he does it with so much silence, so much mastery, so much integrity. The work, its so in a rush, but yet, its so silent, so deep, so vast, so doubtless. It’s such a great work and yet all work in so perfect harmony, enjoying their work, serving their Master, a Master only they can recognize.

They, the Caretakers, they all integrate into everything, and see the greatest creation of their Master. Their child, Humans. They have all seen them grow, from amoeba to this stage. From the inception of the universe to this made-complex world, they all have the history embedded in themselves, each and every thing that happened, each and every pages of history, they know it. Like a Mother loving her child, they have loved the humans, in each and every stage they were in, making favourable conditions to grow, to prosper and evolve, to gain a status of Human Beings. To become alive, to live, to have to ability to Love, to judge, to know, they know how humans have prospered. They have waited billions of years, it has been such a long wait, to see Humans prosper, to grow and to behave. There were times when they were just a cell, and they did not know how to grow, then slowly they learned to multiply, then they began to have life and they again gave another life. They crawled, they swan, they flew, they went through everything, they ate themselves, they killed themselves, they perished, they became extinct, they fought, they cried, they died and they again got born, and finally with great great endurance, they became Humans. The Caretakers have witnessed it all, their ups and downs and their struggle, but was it their struggle? Was it by itself you learnt to give life? If so can you make a new life again after it has perished? The Caretakers saw it all, how the small pieces of a jigsaw puzzle came together to make a Human. How beautifully it was made. Then again one day, the human grew a fantastic. He saw the world, he looked at the soil, the light, the bright object on the blue canvas far above his head, he felt the cold of an element that he takes in and gives out, and the liquid that often fell from above and also quenched his thirst. This same thing he taught his son as well, and this son taught this to his friends and generations after generations, the same thing kept on going, and one day he had an idea, he looked into the calm liquid and saw a figure, he moved his hand, so did the figure, he moved his head, so did the figure, then he got this idea, this is me, I am this. So, he made what he named as a mirror. He then went infront of this new creation of his, which came from the things he compiled, and all these compilations came from the world around him, he did not create anything of his own, he tired to but he could not. When he saw himself in the mirror, he felt so glad and so happy and so proud, he began to look at himself with the feel of a master, a master who can create things. He then started losing respect to everything and went on creating and solving his problems, every day he became to make things more complex, thinking that he would make things simpler. The more he tried to untie the rope, the more it began to entangle. Then he tried to find a solution to be happy with it and learned to live with it, trying to compensate this bind. Then his anger began to show on the Caretakers. He began to destroy them. And, Even then the Caretakers looked them with the same love and compassion, trying to find a way to get the child out of these shackles. But they could do nothing, for he worked faster then they had thought, and his work multiplied tremendously with every pulse.

One day something happened. Something that was very strange for him very weird. One of them got his idea to show some concern towards another when this person became ill. He tired to help him, and when he did so he felt so good, light. But to his despair, everything he did could not help his companion much, the companion stopped taking air and then stopped moving and with great pain, stopped everything. It was great silence, great sadness he felt from inside. What happened to him, where is he now? Just some time ago he was looking at him and trying to say him something, but now, he’s there but still not there. Where has he gone? He tried everything to wake him up. He used up everything he had, and this misery he just could not bear. But he could do nothing, he failed, he was just speechless, just halted. Then he submitted this companion to the Caretakers, they took them and in no time, was inside them. But how can it be? He thought? So what difference is there between me and the companion? He had disintegrated and me, am here, waiting to disintegrate. But why? This he could not answer. He searched and searched, sometimes some different people came to him and sometimes some taught him and sometimes he went to some to learn and find the answers. He got some answers and sometimes, his questions began to multiply. He was really confused if he got the answer or was dumb again. He just did not know.

Desperate, he was, and yet fighting with his shackles, he again had this idea, the same idea he had before. He closed his eyes and saw the mirror he made long before. But this time the mirror was not infront of his eyes, it was inside his eyes, it was inside himself. He got no answer but still he wanted to go inside, for outside he had searched all, and found none. Then he began to search inside himself, looked into his existence, and analyzed his journey. It was as if nothing was really in his control ever, his birth, his growth, his intellect, his search, his misery, his happiness, it was such a long journey, such a tiring thing. Then some words of wisdom came to his mind, he began to realize that some words and lessons taught to him by some of his fellow humans, whom he then thought as fools were so right, they had warned him about it all, but he did not listen to them.

Then one day, as he was looking inside himself, he felt total happiness, he felt he was total, completely fine, and shaped. He analyzed all his mistakes and started to make inroads to the inside. He felt like a child who had knowledge to love the Caretakers, and his child, his fellow friends and bowed infront of the Caretakers. He saw it all, like a drama that was played from the beginning to this point and was so amazed by its accuracy and diligence. He began to thank the Caretakers, and then thought, ‘How can the Caretakers have done it all? This can’t be.’ They did not do it, I cant do it, then, who? He was confused, very confused, then the answer came to him from nowhere. There must be a Master of the Caretaker, He concluded, ‘I don’t know you, haven’t seen you, but I deeply know that you are there. All this drama, all this play, you did it. I don’t know when I can meet you, but I really want to meet you someday, I don’t know how. I am not sure that if I have already met you, or am in the course, but something tells me that the caretakers will take me you someday, maybe when my eyes are open or when my eyes are closed.’ And the Shackles, well, they slowly began to fall off.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


When I see above, the blue sky with clouds, I feel as if a great painter has used all his creativity in it. The coloration, the magnificence of it just delights me. It delights me as much as a small child gets delighted by a stick of Cadbury. I sometimes wonder if I could be as wide and as silent as it is. Its so high and yet it seems so close. Just looking at all the mishaps that’s going on below. It sometimes rains hard as if to show its pain, and a clear sunny day gives way to its marvelous smile. Whatever the circumstances, its always there, watching and enjoying its grandeur. It has no limits, no limits it can measure.

How can a person be optimistic? How can a life become a fruit? How can a sky shine? People often sometimes confuse detachment with being a loser. But how can u get yourself out of it, if you are always attached to it? A person will always remain sick if the person just doesn’t want to be out of the sickness. How can a person see the beauty of life if he cannot rise above the hurdles, pains, grief and sorrows of life a see it all from the above, like the sky watches it all. What is gone is gone. Past is past and the future, well, no one knows. So, what’s the point living in something that already existed and something that has not yet existed? So, being the sky, being the present is all that matters. Mr. Bhandari, e.g, lost all his wealth, and now he lives in his past griefing it all. But when he sees the laughter of his infant grandson, he forgets it all. He forgets that he needs sleeping tablets to sleep. And again at night, the same story continues. No one in life is completely happy, no one. Pain is a great teacher. It makes us realize how important happiness is? Sometimes, we take happiness for granted, and curse ourselves and our misfortunes for being in the state we are. It gives some relief, but does it heal it all. Never. In some part of our consciousness, it remains and haunts us. So to get rid of this, the strength of our own spirit makes a great deal of a difference. We can either grief all life and forget to live or be spirited and live a powerful, lovely life, enjoying the greatness of life. So, it’s the great teacher, the Sky, which teaches us to remain happy, to enjoy it all and be as wide, as silent, as happy and as mysterious as it is. I am sky, I am sky, whose width is measured by my lips when I laugh from the heart, and whose shine twinkles in my eyes.

Ganesha - the Powerful

And there was Shree Ganesha dancing and roaming around like a small child. A small brilliant child whose radiance made the whole Universe enlightened. The child was so lovely that wind would swiftly blow near him to touch him, it would rain slowly so that it could feel his tenderness and the sky, it would descend down to feel his charm of innocence. His laugh spread like light, his eyes twinkled like stars, and his smile, well, it would melt anything. His purity was so great that nothing compared to him, nothing, not even Perfection, he was far ahead of it. His tiny feet when touched the ground, Mother Earth would care his feet, for She is the Mother. His tiny fingers and feet when made footprints in the ground, it would seed a lotus. When he danced, it would be Spring, and when he would say some words, air too would dance being blessed a vibration. What he enjoyed, nobody knew, what he liked, no one could guess, because he would like anything, nothing could make him unhappy, nothing not even tears, as tears were shy to come in front of him, and anger, well, anger had to run away, as his anger burnt like a furnace, anger was of no match.
So, one day when evil came to him, and tried to lure him to have a fruit, he would have it, and the evil that was in the fruit would remain inside. Seeing this, the evil would be surprised and he would give him another fruit to eat, this time even more delicious. Ganesha would have it all and would be looking at him with the same innocence and love. Evil would give him everything he had, and would do every evil he could, but Ganesha would take it all, he would make the evil tired of his own evil, and if this evil would not give up, then, he would be as big as infinity and would engrave this evil within himself and destroy the evil inside this evil. Then, there would be no evil inside this evil, he would run hard and shout aloud trying to find its identity, as evil was the only thing that he knew, now he knows none, he could not think evil, nor could he do evil. It was as if he was nothing. Then he would understand that there was no difference between he and Ganesha, that Ganesha made him himself. Ganesha made him himself. Ganesha made him himself. And even then Ganesha would look him with the same innocence of love and would want nothing from him, having had taken all evil from him. He would stay there looking as bright as the sun and would take good in his arms and make him his child, for he was a son and knew how His Mother loved him and would show the same love to good, not evil anymore, not evil anymore.


Suddenly I saw a big lady, she was huge, she looked very angry, she kept on staring, her look was really omni-directional. She seemed to be looking through things. Her eyes were razing with fire, her hands looked fierce, and her legs were ready to do many things at once. There was sometimes great pain and sometimes great fierce in her eyes. Yet, she was stable, very stable, very quiet, not making the slightest of sound. Slowly she took a long breath and closed her eyes, then she opened her eyes with great speed. Slowly her face began to shine like a thousand stars. Her face even black, was so radiant, so beautiful she looked, even in great anger. She now kept on staring at a particular direction, and then suddenly her eyes became bigger and then she had tears on her eyes. Those tears vaporized by the time they rolled down her cheeks. She then slowly became more stable and went into complete silence doing nothing and sat quietly, and then her appearance changed to complete white. She was as white as the clearest cloud, like the whitest snow, just pure, just clear. Then the white became a glow and the humane body descended into it’s a shapeless shape. She looked, she looked satisfied, and so stable again, so lovely. It felt as if she was about to smile, as everywhere there were flowers blossoming, birds chirping, and it rained and stopped making the climate more and more pleasant. Sun was shining, She looked at it, then sun shone brighter as if it was waiting for her nod. Now the glow looked more lovely with all the colours radiating around her, it as like a rainbow in the shape of a human, but very soft, not quite viewable but when you see it once, it becomes more clear than anything else, so subtle, so pretty, so brisk, so soft, like a cool breeze rubbing the cheeks on a hot day. It felt as if life has achieved everything, there cant be more spectacle in life, it was total halt and yet everything was running. It was nowhere and yet I felt everything. Her eyes engraved the whole universe, her wisest smile then started. It was like total love, total pleasance, total art, total purity, just love that radiated from it. It was as if time would even stop to witness this smile, the grandeur of it had no proportions, no ratios, no meanings at all, just total love, pure love, it was only giving it had, no taking, no taking, no taking, just pure, just the definition of purity, definition of love. So powerful was the smile that it felt as if she knew only to smile. A million smiles of cute little infants with big bright marvelous eyes wouldn’t match this smile. Rather they all were present there. It suddenly then felt as if I was not alone, I looked behind but there was no one. I kept looking at her, trying nothing, waiting for nothing, not even curious what would happen next, just watching and enjoying this nothingness, this love, which I felt inside me now. I began to feel her love. I then learned this art of loving so quick and then looked at her with the same tame she granted me. Then it grew even more, even it was like a candle in front of the sun, but the candle’s glow had a presence and this presence then slowly vanished, and in no time it was inside the sun of her radiant love. Slowly she began to float, air suddenly felt so thick and she began to absorb all that is everywhere, I was as if I was being pulled, but so slowly and so caressedly, all looked dizzy and suddenly I was sure I was not dreaming, because I was looking at the whole universe, and yet it looked so small, so small. Then it all vanished in thin air, total silence, I could not even feel myself then, cause I was not I anymore, I was dissolved in the greatness of her, the light of her love and the float of her silence. She was MahaKali, then MahaSaraswati, and then Maha Laxmi

Science and Religion

This was probably the first war that was started when people began to see things with reasoning, Science Vs Religion. Science defines things whereas Religion gives hope. It's a vast task trying to say what a consequence named "Science" has led to. Science has made possible the world today we stand in and look forward to seeing things even better. On the other hand, everyone argues about, what religion has given us? It has given us prayers and from religion, gets derived traditions and rules and regulations and all those protocols that restricts us to be free. We feel so compelled due to religion. And the most important thing, religion gives us only beliefs and not things that can be sensed through our sense organs and our brain. How can we believe something that doesn't exist in the dimension of time and space?

As our society states, the backbone of any religion is GOD. Every religion has its own religious leaders and their own prophecies. Well, they all seem to fit in some way or the other and are never ever devoid of followers. Its the greatest debate that has started from the first time that a man felt his sense, "Who am I?", "Who created me?", and "Is there somebody or something that created me that/whom we call GOD?". Well, nobody knows for sure that what is probably true, but every religion has its own answers to it. Maybe, this is the main reason that people are drawn towards religion. Religion gives people hope, faith and answers to what they seek, and people enjoy it even there is no proof for it. Well, if it is true that there is God then, what? Well, it's a difficult ask to fathom and answer.

And of course there are people who are not bind by these and look God and void, and try to derive GOD in the form of a mathematical equation. Every religion, we see, say that GOD created universe out of nothing. Well, can it be really possible, matter out of nothing? Not till now, I suppose. If we look at the Hindu religion, the creation of the universe was done as: It says, "There was void and suddenly something happed in the dark void and an "Anda", a spherical object appeared, then when this object blasted, then formed air, water, sky, fire and finally earth. And when these things finally combined, gave rise to "Virat Purush", the Enormous Man. This Purush (Enormous Man), is such symbolized that its upper body is the seven upper universes or "Positive Loks", Swargalok, the "Heaven", Baikuntha lok, "The Kingdom of Universe" as also described by Jesus Christ in Bible, and lower body symbolizes seven lower universes or "Negative Loks", PatalLok, the "Hell". And in the middle remains Mother Earth and is the same structure for our own body as human beings are also described as a reference to this "Purus", as stated in the ShrimadBhagvad. And so forth the entire universe is this "Purus" and everything is guided by his wish. Somewhat, similar is the explanation in Bible where Universe is created from nothing. So, is it true that the things states in the religious scripts are true? Well, they obviously carry some weight!

But Science denies it! The scientific community has been striving hard to find out the truth behind the origin of the universe. They wouldn't believe something written in any ancient books and believe they are true, without any proof. They are people of reasoning and seek reasons for anything imaginable. This starvation for knowledge led to the theory of the Big Bang, theory that the universe began with the explosion of dense matter. Then again recently, with the introduction and validity of all the Five well known String Theories combinely gave way for the "M-Theory". The M-theory, the magical theory that says a lot about the origin of the universe and its dimensions. It brings the concept of the 11th dimension and that of the parallel universe. It proposes that when something blasted in the commencement of the universe, then two parallel universes were formed. One universe is the one in which we are in and the other which is somewhere out there with all the laws of physics in opposite. "Nature shows us only the tail of the lion. But I do not doubt that the lion belongs to it even though he cannot at once reveal himself because of his enormous size" - Albert Einstein. Well, is it the full tail, many physicists are optimistic but maybe this is not the "Theory for everything" that we are seeking.

Well, now at this point of reasoning, I would like to point out a feeling of mine. Comparing back, the parallel universe might exist, if we look at the ancient Hindu scripts. The parallel universe might be nothing more than the "Negative Lok", that is referred. This is the Lok or place where laws of physics are opposite, the symbolic seven colours of the rainbow that these Loks are represented with are just negative to the symbolic colours of the "positive loks", as stated. Well, the seven Surs of music are also opposite or in the negative frequencies in these "negative loks". Maybe this is a valid point or a silly reasoning, only God knows, if he exists!

Science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind- Albert Einstein. Well, the Guru of modern science said so, so there is great weight in these words. He believed that scientists are the most religious people in the world, who talk with God in their reasoning and find a solution to a problem. So, if there is God, then this is his wish. So, if there is God, then how is God like. Is he like Vishnu, Shiva, Jesus or Allah or any other form. Is the spherical object earlier stated, the first atom of God, if God can be described in terms of matter and the dimensions of time and space. But these things might work not. Because, if the truth behind God is proved mathematically, keeping the assistance of ancient philosophies, then we are again doomed, because, according to the ancient philosophies, God cannot be understood with brain, there is something divine above our brain, above the "Maya", the Play of the God. There is "Ananda" above all, the God's regime, where he is in his formless state, not bound by dimensions, time and space. He's not defined by physics because he is the Physics, he is the science.

So, why are we here then? If God is there then why are we here, why did he create us? Well, science explains it with the help of a single cell, evolution, genes and laws of survival. The religion explains it as: "God said: I am your mother, I bring you here so that you can learn things on your own and of course I am always there to guide you and help you and love you. if I hadn't brought you here, then, Oh my son!, how could I have shown my love to you, that I love you so much and care for you so much and give you a chance to come to me and be a part of me, so do good deeds and follow my rules of love and harmony and you will be in peace and in "Paramananda" i.e, within me." So, saying this, God asks us to follow basic rules of Life and be an ideal man. But then, how to be an ideal man? Our religion tells us to follow their rules as they are the words from God. But these religious scripts were also been written by some human beings, many years ago, then did they really feel God and heard his words and wrote his verdict. It's a question to be raised and the answer is that The Yogis had "Siddhis", with which they enjoyed this treat, as stated in the religious writings. But, if this is true then, according to these writings, the Age of the Aquarius has begun as the regime of Jesus has completed 2000 years at the turn of this millennium, and that a new "Mesiah" will be born. So, advanced will be this Age of Aquarius that God could be understood and God can be felt and proved. So, if this is true, then we are awaiting a Miracle to happen.

Well, then this is a never-ending debate, which promises many things. But the truth lies somewhere in or out the dimension of time and space. So, if God exists and his existence is proven, then both science and religion will come together because in one way or the other, both are trying their best to believe in the supreme power, one gives it shapes and worships but the other believes that it is a string or an electron and sketch it in the from of mathematical equations. Both are trying to reach the top with but with two totally different routes.


I'm a cry from the inner myths,
I'm a volcano of thoughts,
I make myself a dusty art,
Even here, I'm so far and apart.

Embracing a life of illusion,
I make inroads for cultivation,
Cultivation leading to pleasure,
And pleasure that I desire.

Pleasure, O pleasure, give me a break,
I found a light, which is a snake,
Snake, which makes me awake,
Of love and life that all pervade.

Conquered is my heart,
I believe I have a part,
In this sea of art,
Which is inside and smart.

A want to grow, and a want to embrace,
I witness you, so close, your grace
,Living, it has to be, so lovely, so pure,
A love of a Mother, that’s for sure.

Nothing is that, I want,
Nothing is there, I can’t and shan’t,
A stream of light and a snow of glow,
O God, now I know, it’s you, where I flow.

Who was I and where was I heading,
Fighting and crying, sleeping and wasting,
Here I am, and will be here for ever,
In the silence of your holy, divine endeavor.
In the silence of your holy, divine endeavor.