Saturday, April 12, 2008


When I see above, the blue sky with clouds, I feel as if a great painter has used all his creativity in it. The coloration, the magnificence of it just delights me. It delights me as much as a small child gets delighted by a stick of Cadbury. I sometimes wonder if I could be as wide and as silent as it is. Its so high and yet it seems so close. Just looking at all the mishaps that’s going on below. It sometimes rains hard as if to show its pain, and a clear sunny day gives way to its marvelous smile. Whatever the circumstances, its always there, watching and enjoying its grandeur. It has no limits, no limits it can measure.

How can a person be optimistic? How can a life become a fruit? How can a sky shine? People often sometimes confuse detachment with being a loser. But how can u get yourself out of it, if you are always attached to it? A person will always remain sick if the person just doesn’t want to be out of the sickness. How can a person see the beauty of life if he cannot rise above the hurdles, pains, grief and sorrows of life a see it all from the above, like the sky watches it all. What is gone is gone. Past is past and the future, well, no one knows. So, what’s the point living in something that already existed and something that has not yet existed? So, being the sky, being the present is all that matters. Mr. Bhandari, e.g, lost all his wealth, and now he lives in his past griefing it all. But when he sees the laughter of his infant grandson, he forgets it all. He forgets that he needs sleeping tablets to sleep. And again at night, the same story continues. No one in life is completely happy, no one. Pain is a great teacher. It makes us realize how important happiness is? Sometimes, we take happiness for granted, and curse ourselves and our misfortunes for being in the state we are. It gives some relief, but does it heal it all. Never. In some part of our consciousness, it remains and haunts us. So to get rid of this, the strength of our own spirit makes a great deal of a difference. We can either grief all life and forget to live or be spirited and live a powerful, lovely life, enjoying the greatness of life. So, it’s the great teacher, the Sky, which teaches us to remain happy, to enjoy it all and be as wide, as silent, as happy and as mysterious as it is. I am sky, I am sky, whose width is measured by my lips when I laugh from the heart, and whose shine twinkles in my eyes.

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