Saturday, April 12, 2008


When I see above, the blue sky with clouds, I feel as if a great painter has used all his creativity in it. The coloration, the magnificence of it just delights me. It delights me as much as a small child gets delighted by a stick of Cadbury. I sometimes wonder if I could be as wide and as silent as it is. Its so high and yet it seems so close. Just looking at all the mishaps that’s going on below. It sometimes rains hard as if to show its pain, and a clear sunny day gives way to its marvelous smile. Whatever the circumstances, its always there, watching and enjoying its grandeur. It has no limits, no limits it can measure.

How can a person be optimistic? How can a life become a fruit? How can a sky shine? People often sometimes confuse detachment with being a loser. But how can u get yourself out of it, if you are always attached to it? A person will always remain sick if the person just doesn’t want to be out of the sickness. How can a person see the beauty of life if he cannot rise above the hurdles, pains, grief and sorrows of life a see it all from the above, like the sky watches it all. What is gone is gone. Past is past and the future, well, no one knows. So, what’s the point living in something that already existed and something that has not yet existed? So, being the sky, being the present is all that matters. Mr. Bhandari, e.g, lost all his wealth, and now he lives in his past griefing it all. But when he sees the laughter of his infant grandson, he forgets it all. He forgets that he needs sleeping tablets to sleep. And again at night, the same story continues. No one in life is completely happy, no one. Pain is a great teacher. It makes us realize how important happiness is? Sometimes, we take happiness for granted, and curse ourselves and our misfortunes for being in the state we are. It gives some relief, but does it heal it all. Never. In some part of our consciousness, it remains and haunts us. So to get rid of this, the strength of our own spirit makes a great deal of a difference. We can either grief all life and forget to live or be spirited and live a powerful, lovely life, enjoying the greatness of life. So, it’s the great teacher, the Sky, which teaches us to remain happy, to enjoy it all and be as wide, as silent, as happy and as mysterious as it is. I am sky, I am sky, whose width is measured by my lips when I laugh from the heart, and whose shine twinkles in my eyes.

Ganesha - the Powerful

And there was Shree Ganesha dancing and roaming around like a small child. A small brilliant child whose radiance made the whole Universe enlightened. The child was so lovely that wind would swiftly blow near him to touch him, it would rain slowly so that it could feel his tenderness and the sky, it would descend down to feel his charm of innocence. His laugh spread like light, his eyes twinkled like stars, and his smile, well, it would melt anything. His purity was so great that nothing compared to him, nothing, not even Perfection, he was far ahead of it. His tiny feet when touched the ground, Mother Earth would care his feet, for She is the Mother. His tiny fingers and feet when made footprints in the ground, it would seed a lotus. When he danced, it would be Spring, and when he would say some words, air too would dance being blessed a vibration. What he enjoyed, nobody knew, what he liked, no one could guess, because he would like anything, nothing could make him unhappy, nothing not even tears, as tears were shy to come in front of him, and anger, well, anger had to run away, as his anger burnt like a furnace, anger was of no match.
So, one day when evil came to him, and tried to lure him to have a fruit, he would have it, and the evil that was in the fruit would remain inside. Seeing this, the evil would be surprised and he would give him another fruit to eat, this time even more delicious. Ganesha would have it all and would be looking at him with the same innocence and love. Evil would give him everything he had, and would do every evil he could, but Ganesha would take it all, he would make the evil tired of his own evil, and if this evil would not give up, then, he would be as big as infinity and would engrave this evil within himself and destroy the evil inside this evil. Then, there would be no evil inside this evil, he would run hard and shout aloud trying to find its identity, as evil was the only thing that he knew, now he knows none, he could not think evil, nor could he do evil. It was as if he was nothing. Then he would understand that there was no difference between he and Ganesha, that Ganesha made him himself. Ganesha made him himself. Ganesha made him himself. And even then Ganesha would look him with the same innocence of love and would want nothing from him, having had taken all evil from him. He would stay there looking as bright as the sun and would take good in his arms and make him his child, for he was a son and knew how His Mother loved him and would show the same love to good, not evil anymore, not evil anymore.


Suddenly I saw a big lady, she was huge, she looked very angry, she kept on staring, her look was really omni-directional. She seemed to be looking through things. Her eyes were razing with fire, her hands looked fierce, and her legs were ready to do many things at once. There was sometimes great pain and sometimes great fierce in her eyes. Yet, she was stable, very stable, very quiet, not making the slightest of sound. Slowly she took a long breath and closed her eyes, then she opened her eyes with great speed. Slowly her face began to shine like a thousand stars. Her face even black, was so radiant, so beautiful she looked, even in great anger. She now kept on staring at a particular direction, and then suddenly her eyes became bigger and then she had tears on her eyes. Those tears vaporized by the time they rolled down her cheeks. She then slowly became more stable and went into complete silence doing nothing and sat quietly, and then her appearance changed to complete white. She was as white as the clearest cloud, like the whitest snow, just pure, just clear. Then the white became a glow and the humane body descended into it’s a shapeless shape. She looked, she looked satisfied, and so stable again, so lovely. It felt as if she was about to smile, as everywhere there were flowers blossoming, birds chirping, and it rained and stopped making the climate more and more pleasant. Sun was shining, She looked at it, then sun shone brighter as if it was waiting for her nod. Now the glow looked more lovely with all the colours radiating around her, it as like a rainbow in the shape of a human, but very soft, not quite viewable but when you see it once, it becomes more clear than anything else, so subtle, so pretty, so brisk, so soft, like a cool breeze rubbing the cheeks on a hot day. It felt as if life has achieved everything, there cant be more spectacle in life, it was total halt and yet everything was running. It was nowhere and yet I felt everything. Her eyes engraved the whole universe, her wisest smile then started. It was like total love, total pleasance, total art, total purity, just love that radiated from it. It was as if time would even stop to witness this smile, the grandeur of it had no proportions, no ratios, no meanings at all, just total love, pure love, it was only giving it had, no taking, no taking, no taking, just pure, just the definition of purity, definition of love. So powerful was the smile that it felt as if she knew only to smile. A million smiles of cute little infants with big bright marvelous eyes wouldn’t match this smile. Rather they all were present there. It suddenly then felt as if I was not alone, I looked behind but there was no one. I kept looking at her, trying nothing, waiting for nothing, not even curious what would happen next, just watching and enjoying this nothingness, this love, which I felt inside me now. I began to feel her love. I then learned this art of loving so quick and then looked at her with the same tame she granted me. Then it grew even more, even it was like a candle in front of the sun, but the candle’s glow had a presence and this presence then slowly vanished, and in no time it was inside the sun of her radiant love. Slowly she began to float, air suddenly felt so thick and she began to absorb all that is everywhere, I was as if I was being pulled, but so slowly and so caressedly, all looked dizzy and suddenly I was sure I was not dreaming, because I was looking at the whole universe, and yet it looked so small, so small. Then it all vanished in thin air, total silence, I could not even feel myself then, cause I was not I anymore, I was dissolved in the greatness of her, the light of her love and the float of her silence. She was MahaKali, then MahaSaraswati, and then Maha Laxmi

Science and Religion

This was probably the first war that was started when people began to see things with reasoning, Science Vs Religion. Science defines things whereas Religion gives hope. It's a vast task trying to say what a consequence named "Science" has led to. Science has made possible the world today we stand in and look forward to seeing things even better. On the other hand, everyone argues about, what religion has given us? It has given us prayers and from religion, gets derived traditions and rules and regulations and all those protocols that restricts us to be free. We feel so compelled due to religion. And the most important thing, religion gives us only beliefs and not things that can be sensed through our sense organs and our brain. How can we believe something that doesn't exist in the dimension of time and space?

As our society states, the backbone of any religion is GOD. Every religion has its own religious leaders and their own prophecies. Well, they all seem to fit in some way or the other and are never ever devoid of followers. Its the greatest debate that has started from the first time that a man felt his sense, "Who am I?", "Who created me?", and "Is there somebody or something that created me that/whom we call GOD?". Well, nobody knows for sure that what is probably true, but every religion has its own answers to it. Maybe, this is the main reason that people are drawn towards religion. Religion gives people hope, faith and answers to what they seek, and people enjoy it even there is no proof for it. Well, if it is true that there is God then, what? Well, it's a difficult ask to fathom and answer.

And of course there are people who are not bind by these and look God and void, and try to derive GOD in the form of a mathematical equation. Every religion, we see, say that GOD created universe out of nothing. Well, can it be really possible, matter out of nothing? Not till now, I suppose. If we look at the Hindu religion, the creation of the universe was done as: It says, "There was void and suddenly something happed in the dark void and an "Anda", a spherical object appeared, then when this object blasted, then formed air, water, sky, fire and finally earth. And when these things finally combined, gave rise to "Virat Purush", the Enormous Man. This Purush (Enormous Man), is such symbolized that its upper body is the seven upper universes or "Positive Loks", Swargalok, the "Heaven", Baikuntha lok, "The Kingdom of Universe" as also described by Jesus Christ in Bible, and lower body symbolizes seven lower universes or "Negative Loks", PatalLok, the "Hell". And in the middle remains Mother Earth and is the same structure for our own body as human beings are also described as a reference to this "Purus", as stated in the ShrimadBhagvad. And so forth the entire universe is this "Purus" and everything is guided by his wish. Somewhat, similar is the explanation in Bible where Universe is created from nothing. So, is it true that the things states in the religious scripts are true? Well, they obviously carry some weight!

But Science denies it! The scientific community has been striving hard to find out the truth behind the origin of the universe. They wouldn't believe something written in any ancient books and believe they are true, without any proof. They are people of reasoning and seek reasons for anything imaginable. This starvation for knowledge led to the theory of the Big Bang, theory that the universe began with the explosion of dense matter. Then again recently, with the introduction and validity of all the Five well known String Theories combinely gave way for the "M-Theory". The M-theory, the magical theory that says a lot about the origin of the universe and its dimensions. It brings the concept of the 11th dimension and that of the parallel universe. It proposes that when something blasted in the commencement of the universe, then two parallel universes were formed. One universe is the one in which we are in and the other which is somewhere out there with all the laws of physics in opposite. "Nature shows us only the tail of the lion. But I do not doubt that the lion belongs to it even though he cannot at once reveal himself because of his enormous size" - Albert Einstein. Well, is it the full tail, many physicists are optimistic but maybe this is not the "Theory for everything" that we are seeking.

Well, now at this point of reasoning, I would like to point out a feeling of mine. Comparing back, the parallel universe might exist, if we look at the ancient Hindu scripts. The parallel universe might be nothing more than the "Negative Lok", that is referred. This is the Lok or place where laws of physics are opposite, the symbolic seven colours of the rainbow that these Loks are represented with are just negative to the symbolic colours of the "positive loks", as stated. Well, the seven Surs of music are also opposite or in the negative frequencies in these "negative loks". Maybe this is a valid point or a silly reasoning, only God knows, if he exists!

Science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind- Albert Einstein. Well, the Guru of modern science said so, so there is great weight in these words. He believed that scientists are the most religious people in the world, who talk with God in their reasoning and find a solution to a problem. So, if there is God, then this is his wish. So, if there is God, then how is God like. Is he like Vishnu, Shiva, Jesus or Allah or any other form. Is the spherical object earlier stated, the first atom of God, if God can be described in terms of matter and the dimensions of time and space. But these things might work not. Because, if the truth behind God is proved mathematically, keeping the assistance of ancient philosophies, then we are again doomed, because, according to the ancient philosophies, God cannot be understood with brain, there is something divine above our brain, above the "Maya", the Play of the God. There is "Ananda" above all, the God's regime, where he is in his formless state, not bound by dimensions, time and space. He's not defined by physics because he is the Physics, he is the science.

So, why are we here then? If God is there then why are we here, why did he create us? Well, science explains it with the help of a single cell, evolution, genes and laws of survival. The religion explains it as: "God said: I am your mother, I bring you here so that you can learn things on your own and of course I am always there to guide you and help you and love you. if I hadn't brought you here, then, Oh my son!, how could I have shown my love to you, that I love you so much and care for you so much and give you a chance to come to me and be a part of me, so do good deeds and follow my rules of love and harmony and you will be in peace and in "Paramananda" i.e, within me." So, saying this, God asks us to follow basic rules of Life and be an ideal man. But then, how to be an ideal man? Our religion tells us to follow their rules as they are the words from God. But these religious scripts were also been written by some human beings, many years ago, then did they really feel God and heard his words and wrote his verdict. It's a question to be raised and the answer is that The Yogis had "Siddhis", with which they enjoyed this treat, as stated in the religious writings. But, if this is true then, according to these writings, the Age of the Aquarius has begun as the regime of Jesus has completed 2000 years at the turn of this millennium, and that a new "Mesiah" will be born. So, advanced will be this Age of Aquarius that God could be understood and God can be felt and proved. So, if this is true, then we are awaiting a Miracle to happen.

Well, then this is a never-ending debate, which promises many things. But the truth lies somewhere in or out the dimension of time and space. So, if God exists and his existence is proven, then both science and religion will come together because in one way or the other, both are trying their best to believe in the supreme power, one gives it shapes and worships but the other believes that it is a string or an electron and sketch it in the from of mathematical equations. Both are trying to reach the top with but with two totally different routes.


I'm a cry from the inner myths,
I'm a volcano of thoughts,
I make myself a dusty art,
Even here, I'm so far and apart.

Embracing a life of illusion,
I make inroads for cultivation,
Cultivation leading to pleasure,
And pleasure that I desire.

Pleasure, O pleasure, give me a break,
I found a light, which is a snake,
Snake, which makes me awake,
Of love and life that all pervade.

Conquered is my heart,
I believe I have a part,
In this sea of art,
Which is inside and smart.

A want to grow, and a want to embrace,
I witness you, so close, your grace
,Living, it has to be, so lovely, so pure,
A love of a Mother, that’s for sure.

Nothing is that, I want,
Nothing is there, I can’t and shan’t,
A stream of light and a snow of glow,
O God, now I know, it’s you, where I flow.

Who was I and where was I heading,
Fighting and crying, sleeping and wasting,
Here I am, and will be here for ever,
In the silence of your holy, divine endeavor.
In the silence of your holy, divine endeavor.