Saturday, April 12, 2008


I'm a cry from the inner myths,
I'm a volcano of thoughts,
I make myself a dusty art,
Even here, I'm so far and apart.

Embracing a life of illusion,
I make inroads for cultivation,
Cultivation leading to pleasure,
And pleasure that I desire.

Pleasure, O pleasure, give me a break,
I found a light, which is a snake,
Snake, which makes me awake,
Of love and life that all pervade.

Conquered is my heart,
I believe I have a part,
In this sea of art,
Which is inside and smart.

A want to grow, and a want to embrace,
I witness you, so close, your grace
,Living, it has to be, so lovely, so pure,
A love of a Mother, that’s for sure.

Nothing is that, I want,
Nothing is there, I can’t and shan’t,
A stream of light and a snow of glow,
O God, now I know, it’s you, where I flow.

Who was I and where was I heading,
Fighting and crying, sleeping and wasting,
Here I am, and will be here for ever,
In the silence of your holy, divine endeavor.
In the silence of your holy, divine endeavor.

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