Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ganesha - the Powerful

And there was Shree Ganesha dancing and roaming around like a small child. A small brilliant child whose radiance made the whole Universe enlightened. The child was so lovely that wind would swiftly blow near him to touch him, it would rain slowly so that it could feel his tenderness and the sky, it would descend down to feel his charm of innocence. His laugh spread like light, his eyes twinkled like stars, and his smile, well, it would melt anything. His purity was so great that nothing compared to him, nothing, not even Perfection, he was far ahead of it. His tiny feet when touched the ground, Mother Earth would care his feet, for She is the Mother. His tiny fingers and feet when made footprints in the ground, it would seed a lotus. When he danced, it would be Spring, and when he would say some words, air too would dance being blessed a vibration. What he enjoyed, nobody knew, what he liked, no one could guess, because he would like anything, nothing could make him unhappy, nothing not even tears, as tears were shy to come in front of him, and anger, well, anger had to run away, as his anger burnt like a furnace, anger was of no match.
So, one day when evil came to him, and tried to lure him to have a fruit, he would have it, and the evil that was in the fruit would remain inside. Seeing this, the evil would be surprised and he would give him another fruit to eat, this time even more delicious. Ganesha would have it all and would be looking at him with the same innocence and love. Evil would give him everything he had, and would do every evil he could, but Ganesha would take it all, he would make the evil tired of his own evil, and if this evil would not give up, then, he would be as big as infinity and would engrave this evil within himself and destroy the evil inside this evil. Then, there would be no evil inside this evil, he would run hard and shout aloud trying to find its identity, as evil was the only thing that he knew, now he knows none, he could not think evil, nor could he do evil. It was as if he was nothing. Then he would understand that there was no difference between he and Ganesha, that Ganesha made him himself. Ganesha made him himself. Ganesha made him himself. And even then Ganesha would look him with the same innocence of love and would want nothing from him, having had taken all evil from him. He would stay there looking as bright as the sun and would take good in his arms and make him his child, for he was a son and knew how His Mother loved him and would show the same love to good, not evil anymore, not evil anymore.

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