Saturday, April 12, 2008


Suddenly I saw a big lady, she was huge, she looked very angry, she kept on staring, her look was really omni-directional. She seemed to be looking through things. Her eyes were razing with fire, her hands looked fierce, and her legs were ready to do many things at once. There was sometimes great pain and sometimes great fierce in her eyes. Yet, she was stable, very stable, very quiet, not making the slightest of sound. Slowly she took a long breath and closed her eyes, then she opened her eyes with great speed. Slowly her face began to shine like a thousand stars. Her face even black, was so radiant, so beautiful she looked, even in great anger. She now kept on staring at a particular direction, and then suddenly her eyes became bigger and then she had tears on her eyes. Those tears vaporized by the time they rolled down her cheeks. She then slowly became more stable and went into complete silence doing nothing and sat quietly, and then her appearance changed to complete white. She was as white as the clearest cloud, like the whitest snow, just pure, just clear. Then the white became a glow and the humane body descended into it’s a shapeless shape. She looked, she looked satisfied, and so stable again, so lovely. It felt as if she was about to smile, as everywhere there were flowers blossoming, birds chirping, and it rained and stopped making the climate more and more pleasant. Sun was shining, She looked at it, then sun shone brighter as if it was waiting for her nod. Now the glow looked more lovely with all the colours radiating around her, it as like a rainbow in the shape of a human, but very soft, not quite viewable but when you see it once, it becomes more clear than anything else, so subtle, so pretty, so brisk, so soft, like a cool breeze rubbing the cheeks on a hot day. It felt as if life has achieved everything, there cant be more spectacle in life, it was total halt and yet everything was running. It was nowhere and yet I felt everything. Her eyes engraved the whole universe, her wisest smile then started. It was like total love, total pleasance, total art, total purity, just love that radiated from it. It was as if time would even stop to witness this smile, the grandeur of it had no proportions, no ratios, no meanings at all, just total love, pure love, it was only giving it had, no taking, no taking, no taking, just pure, just the definition of purity, definition of love. So powerful was the smile that it felt as if she knew only to smile. A million smiles of cute little infants with big bright marvelous eyes wouldn’t match this smile. Rather they all were present there. It suddenly then felt as if I was not alone, I looked behind but there was no one. I kept looking at her, trying nothing, waiting for nothing, not even curious what would happen next, just watching and enjoying this nothingness, this love, which I felt inside me now. I began to feel her love. I then learned this art of loving so quick and then looked at her with the same tame she granted me. Then it grew even more, even it was like a candle in front of the sun, but the candle’s glow had a presence and this presence then slowly vanished, and in no time it was inside the sun of her radiant love. Slowly she began to float, air suddenly felt so thick and she began to absorb all that is everywhere, I was as if I was being pulled, but so slowly and so caressedly, all looked dizzy and suddenly I was sure I was not dreaming, because I was looking at the whole universe, and yet it looked so small, so small. Then it all vanished in thin air, total silence, I could not even feel myself then, cause I was not I anymore, I was dissolved in the greatness of her, the light of her love and the float of her silence. She was MahaKali, then MahaSaraswati, and then Maha Laxmi

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