Saturday, September 8, 2012



Shiva, even when you take the name, you feel so satisfied and secured. Shiva. Shiva. I am talking about the Hindu God Shiva. Yes, there are many Gods in Hinduism but the core of it is not the physical appearance of God, the core is the concept. There is a definite difference between what pleases the eyes and what pleases your vision. So, rather than going for the appearance of God, I feel humbled to try to understand the concept behind it. Well, I have never seen Shiva, but I feel immense truth in the words of a Saint, Adi Guru Shankaracharya who wrote amazing lines about Shiva, "I am nothing at all but the eternal bliss, the eternal joy. I am Shiva." It is about total liberation, total freedom, total joy, eternal joy and bliss. We don't even have the concept of freedom and here we are trying to analyze eternal freedom and eternal bliss.

We are born to be free, free of what? You might have heard the saying, "You should teach the person to fish but not give the fish." That is freedom, and when the person enjoys the fishing, it is joyful freedom and when he understands that he is not fishing at all, then maybe, that is when we start talking about eternal freedom. When you do something and understand that it is being done and yet you are doing it.

Physics is amazing, it is just a name given to understand our nature. We can never think above physics, because we cannot think above matter and energy. That's why literature and art comes to the rescue many times and many times art at its best is physics at its best and physics at its best is art at its best. But there is even more. There is infinity, the symbol of total freedom, eternity. When you become infinite, you have eternal freedom or when you become zero.

One word that defines Shiva for me is infinity. When you are infinite, everything become so tiny, even the trillions of universes become so tiny. I can say that it is a wonderful human achievement even to coin the word Infinity, because that is Shiva for me. And it would be amazing to think that the infinity is so joyous, the joyous infinity. There is Shiva in joy, there is Shiva in infinity. So whenever you'll see pure joy, you'll see Shiva, performing his eternal dance.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The T Trinity

Time is a funny concept, why? In a way it exists and in a way it doesn't. You cannot change that happened, and you cannot rightfully change what might happen, but you can always do the best you can to see that whatever happens, the best and the most right happens. When I stand in the time scale, and visualize events of life passing by, events from the past, slowly passing through the present and becoming the future, it feels an awe and yet to stay at the present is the pleasing of all, watching eveything like a big movie, the movie of your own life, unfolding in front of you, in ways which you like or sometimes otherwise. Like you are the director, actor, musician and writer of your own movie, your own life. But there are certain patterns or templates that the universe gave to each one of us that we need to stick to, the innate nature of our being, and based on the scope of the being and the personality that develops around that nature, we create our own life, our own choices, our own desires and our own small worlds of faith. Events come and go, people come and go, worlds change, universes change, if anything that is constant, that is change. If you want a rose, you need to go to a place where you can get a rose but if you want to have a rose in your backyard, you better plant it, of course you can always imagine grasses to be lovely roses but they are not. It's a lovely planet that we live in, gives so much, so much, have been giving for a long time, never asks anything, something to learn perhaps, never late to start something that is nourishing and truthful? We are nature and we are time, we were a small single cell and now we have trillions of them arranged so perfectly that I can write these words, and worlds apart, you can read it. Earth has changed, people always change but has time changed? And should it change, should it be something like, suddenly it is the 19th century again and when you wake up the next morning it is the 25th century, can it afford to be like this? It will be a weird and unmanageable universe. Something to learn, perhaps, calmness, and constant persevearance. If time were a human being, I would salute and humbly bow to its feet, for its unimaginably clam, peaceful and stable character. We are never old. will never be, because, cells die, cells live, when we are neither, we wont. When we are events of time, we never die, we just have a start time and a finish time, but when we go back to the time we were there, we are again alive, but yes, when we are there, we are full of life energy, but then later we don't. So there ought to be a difference between events of time and the lifeful present. But wouldn't that be amazing if we could integrate them both? In the way we are always lifefully alive, like the immortal thoughts and the immortal truth. Something that is amazingly immortal, is the truth and how beautifully truth and time work together to create a wonderful universe. There is nothing that is false, if something is false, then that is just the absence of truth. So, maybe Time and Truth are the real guardians of this universe, the pillars that maintain this universe. So isnt it worthy to spend time in truth? Or spend some truth in the limited time we have, before the window closes? Truth isnt gonna change, neither can time, they both can give tricky interpretations, but you'll know it sooner or later.

When I look at a tree, I feel so humbled, so humbled, just grows and grows, and just gives and gives, even after it dies, it gives, even after it dies, gives, then burns to give, even after it had died, given, burnt, it still gives. Three Ts, Time, Truth and a Tree, such a wow Trinity they are. One guards, the other maintains, and the last one just gives. A lot lot to learn, such a wonderful world, such a priviledge to be here and then to be able to feel its greatness and its humility, even though I just take a birth, automatically I get engaged to all these wonderful concepts, and many times, almost, everytime, we take it all for granted. Spend time in falsehood, which is the absence of truth, be in a time which is either past or future, or grow downwards, do things that harm, never take you up. Nature is such a huge resource, universe is such a great teacher, time is such a great protector, if you pay attention, they'll never let you fall, will never ever let you down, so what about learning something from these great teachers? So, maybe growing limitless in truth by just giving makes you time independent, because humility never dies.  And when you are in truth, you'll never ever regret, because it is nourishing and life giving.  

Thursday, May 17, 2012


What do you think of, when you think of a mirror? Reflection? Glass? Your face? Your self? Rectangle? Oval? Or any personal stories relating to any mirror? Well even though we are all the same, we have different perspectives and that makes us unique, maybe we look at mirrors in different ways. 

The mirror doesn't do anything, its job is just to show what there is. If the mirror is not manipulated, it just reflects the truth, the reality, of things that exist. Sometimes when I look at the mirror, I see nothing, and sometimes I feel, I want to see Buddha there, but its a mirror, it cannot be manipulated, so its just a possibility, just an imagination. And then I think can I become a mirror? In the sense, can I stay there and be a reflection of reality and never be manipulated or falsified ? And will that be a life to live by becoming a mirror? Being like a mirror maybe sometimes means that you show people the reality and the truth, whether they like it or not. Because truth is truth, that is why it is the truth. And maybe that is why people break mirrors because they cannot take reality easily. Instead of changing their false obligations and views, they change the mirror instead. And what can the mirror do, but to be broken? But the mirror can be a weapon when it breaks down, can cut hard. When it is showing the truth, it is calm and silent, just shows the reality, but when it is broken, it's pieces can hurt and then it divides into many mirrors, like a hologram. and when a person looks at the broken mirror, it can see many reflections of itself. So why to break a mirror, instead of breaking the clutches of falsehood that prevents you to see the truth of your better and worse self? What have we gained, if we cannot even see that beauty in the mirror? We gain nothing. 

And if the mirror is not there, then can you ever improve yourself? Can you ever know what is right or wrong in you? So, how do you find the mirror to your soul? A mirror that shows the real you, the real self. Where can it be found? Where is that mirror that shows white and black of the heart? Where is that mirror that shows the reflection of the soul? Possible to get? Strangely Impossible I guess. But that should be possible, isn't it? We keep on getting strange mirrors that aim to show reflection of the soul. Sometimes, people behave like they are the mirrors, sometimes words, sometimes experiences, sometimes mind, sometimes heart, sometimes nothing. That mirror is so scarce, the mirror that shows your soul to you, no matter how it is. But even if we find that mirror, will we believe it? Will we value it? Will we be gratified by its truth? Human nature is tricky, isn't it? 

Till I find it, O dear Mirror, I'll miss you. Don't know what will I do after I find you, but one thing I can promise, I'll use this separation time to make myself stronger to face the reality that you might show me. I am excited.