Thursday, May 17, 2012


What do you think of, when you think of a mirror? Reflection? Glass? Your face? Your self? Rectangle? Oval? Or any personal stories relating to any mirror? Well even though we are all the same, we have different perspectives and that makes us unique, maybe we look at mirrors in different ways. 

The mirror doesn't do anything, its job is just to show what there is. If the mirror is not manipulated, it just reflects the truth, the reality, of things that exist. Sometimes when I look at the mirror, I see nothing, and sometimes I feel, I want to see Buddha there, but its a mirror, it cannot be manipulated, so its just a possibility, just an imagination. And then I think can I become a mirror? In the sense, can I stay there and be a reflection of reality and never be manipulated or falsified ? And will that be a life to live by becoming a mirror? Being like a mirror maybe sometimes means that you show people the reality and the truth, whether they like it or not. Because truth is truth, that is why it is the truth. And maybe that is why people break mirrors because they cannot take reality easily. Instead of changing their false obligations and views, they change the mirror instead. And what can the mirror do, but to be broken? But the mirror can be a weapon when it breaks down, can cut hard. When it is showing the truth, it is calm and silent, just shows the reality, but when it is broken, it's pieces can hurt and then it divides into many mirrors, like a hologram. and when a person looks at the broken mirror, it can see many reflections of itself. So why to break a mirror, instead of breaking the clutches of falsehood that prevents you to see the truth of your better and worse self? What have we gained, if we cannot even see that beauty in the mirror? We gain nothing. 

And if the mirror is not there, then can you ever improve yourself? Can you ever know what is right or wrong in you? So, how do you find the mirror to your soul? A mirror that shows the real you, the real self. Where can it be found? Where is that mirror that shows white and black of the heart? Where is that mirror that shows the reflection of the soul? Possible to get? Strangely Impossible I guess. But that should be possible, isn't it? We keep on getting strange mirrors that aim to show reflection of the soul. Sometimes, people behave like they are the mirrors, sometimes words, sometimes experiences, sometimes mind, sometimes heart, sometimes nothing. That mirror is so scarce, the mirror that shows your soul to you, no matter how it is. But even if we find that mirror, will we believe it? Will we value it? Will we be gratified by its truth? Human nature is tricky, isn't it? 

Till I find it, O dear Mirror, I'll miss you. Don't know what will I do after I find you, but one thing I can promise, I'll use this separation time to make myself stronger to face the reality that you might show me. I am excited.


Prabodini said...

The mirror that shows your soul to you, is not so scarce.. It's inside us. The scarcest is the people who recognize the mirror inside them.

Anonymous said...

Very very true indeed !