Saturday, July 19, 2008


The whole world is waiting and watching. People seated with great anticipation, all know its going to happen, when will it happen? Its total darkness, all are staring at one direction, when will the curtain open, when can we see it? And finally, the curtain slowly rises from below and it gradually rises up. The dark slowly moves up and like a painter dissolves colours, the dark slowly faints down into a gradient. With great majesty, He comes out, like a King, a Master who is totally in full control, like a Leader, a warrior, moving forward with great Heart and confidence, He rises. Even though He does it everyday, He never stops, never misses His duty. And yet His first looks spread so much love into the world. The way he touches each and every element of this kingdom of His, it feels like a Father caressing his child, putting his hand over his child’s head and giving him life again. He does it everyday, and yet He never gets tired, He is so determined, so Brave.

He, greets a lovely morning to his child, and his collegues. The sky again starts to get its blue, and clouds come and join him. Air vibrates in joy getting his warmth. The fury of his soul is so tremendous and yet his warmth so lively, ‘Ah, my companion for spreading life.’, Air sighs. Oceans take a bow to him, just waiting to work together again and give circulation to the world. The Light slowly begins to spread everywhere, touching and loving everything. And he does it with so much silence, so much mastery, so much integrity. The work, its so in a rush, but yet, its so silent, so deep, so vast, so doubtless. It’s such a great work and yet all work in so perfect harmony, enjoying their work, serving their Master, a Master only they can recognize.

They, the Caretakers, they all integrate into everything, and see the greatest creation of their Master. Their child, Humans. They have all seen them grow, from amoeba to this stage. From the inception of the universe to this made-complex world, they all have the history embedded in themselves, each and every thing that happened, each and every pages of history, they know it. Like a Mother loving her child, they have loved the humans, in each and every stage they were in, making favourable conditions to grow, to prosper and evolve, to gain a status of Human Beings. To become alive, to live, to have to ability to Love, to judge, to know, they know how humans have prospered. They have waited billions of years, it has been such a long wait, to see Humans prosper, to grow and to behave. There were times when they were just a cell, and they did not know how to grow, then slowly they learned to multiply, then they began to have life and they again gave another life. They crawled, they swan, they flew, they went through everything, they ate themselves, they killed themselves, they perished, they became extinct, they fought, they cried, they died and they again got born, and finally with great great endurance, they became Humans. The Caretakers have witnessed it all, their ups and downs and their struggle, but was it their struggle? Was it by itself you learnt to give life? If so can you make a new life again after it has perished? The Caretakers saw it all, how the small pieces of a jigsaw puzzle came together to make a Human. How beautifully it was made. Then again one day, the human grew a fantastic. He saw the world, he looked at the soil, the light, the bright object on the blue canvas far above his head, he felt the cold of an element that he takes in and gives out, and the liquid that often fell from above and also quenched his thirst. This same thing he taught his son as well, and this son taught this to his friends and generations after generations, the same thing kept on going, and one day he had an idea, he looked into the calm liquid and saw a figure, he moved his hand, so did the figure, he moved his head, so did the figure, then he got this idea, this is me, I am this. So, he made what he named as a mirror. He then went infront of this new creation of his, which came from the things he compiled, and all these compilations came from the world around him, he did not create anything of his own, he tired to but he could not. When he saw himself in the mirror, he felt so glad and so happy and so proud, he began to look at himself with the feel of a master, a master who can create things. He then started losing respect to everything and went on creating and solving his problems, every day he became to make things more complex, thinking that he would make things simpler. The more he tried to untie the rope, the more it began to entangle. Then he tried to find a solution to be happy with it and learned to live with it, trying to compensate this bind. Then his anger began to show on the Caretakers. He began to destroy them. And, Even then the Caretakers looked them with the same love and compassion, trying to find a way to get the child out of these shackles. But they could do nothing, for he worked faster then they had thought, and his work multiplied tremendously with every pulse.

One day something happened. Something that was very strange for him very weird. One of them got his idea to show some concern towards another when this person became ill. He tired to help him, and when he did so he felt so good, light. But to his despair, everything he did could not help his companion much, the companion stopped taking air and then stopped moving and with great pain, stopped everything. It was great silence, great sadness he felt from inside. What happened to him, where is he now? Just some time ago he was looking at him and trying to say him something, but now, he’s there but still not there. Where has he gone? He tried everything to wake him up. He used up everything he had, and this misery he just could not bear. But he could do nothing, he failed, he was just speechless, just halted. Then he submitted this companion to the Caretakers, they took them and in no time, was inside them. But how can it be? He thought? So what difference is there between me and the companion? He had disintegrated and me, am here, waiting to disintegrate. But why? This he could not answer. He searched and searched, sometimes some different people came to him and sometimes some taught him and sometimes he went to some to learn and find the answers. He got some answers and sometimes, his questions began to multiply. He was really confused if he got the answer or was dumb again. He just did not know.

Desperate, he was, and yet fighting with his shackles, he again had this idea, the same idea he had before. He closed his eyes and saw the mirror he made long before. But this time the mirror was not infront of his eyes, it was inside his eyes, it was inside himself. He got no answer but still he wanted to go inside, for outside he had searched all, and found none. Then he began to search inside himself, looked into his existence, and analyzed his journey. It was as if nothing was really in his control ever, his birth, his growth, his intellect, his search, his misery, his happiness, it was such a long journey, such a tiring thing. Then some words of wisdom came to his mind, he began to realize that some words and lessons taught to him by some of his fellow humans, whom he then thought as fools were so right, they had warned him about it all, but he did not listen to them.

Then one day, as he was looking inside himself, he felt total happiness, he felt he was total, completely fine, and shaped. He analyzed all his mistakes and started to make inroads to the inside. He felt like a child who had knowledge to love the Caretakers, and his child, his fellow friends and bowed infront of the Caretakers. He saw it all, like a drama that was played from the beginning to this point and was so amazed by its accuracy and diligence. He began to thank the Caretakers, and then thought, ‘How can the Caretakers have done it all? This can’t be.’ They did not do it, I cant do it, then, who? He was confused, very confused, then the answer came to him from nowhere. There must be a Master of the Caretaker, He concluded, ‘I don’t know you, haven’t seen you, but I deeply know that you are there. All this drama, all this play, you did it. I don’t know when I can meet you, but I really want to meet you someday, I don’t know how. I am not sure that if I have already met you, or am in the course, but something tells me that the caretakers will take me you someday, maybe when my eyes are open or when my eyes are closed.’ And the Shackles, well, they slowly began to fall off.

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