Sunday, August 3, 2008


A cup of coffee doesn’t solve any problem. Also there is no harm in having one. How this global crisis is going to be solved? Who has the answer to this problem? So many things are happening so fast around us that we need to see below us, if the land remains. It’s as if we are moving on an escalator. Things are happening so rapidly and spontaneously. Let us group, flow some networks, look for corporate contacts, aim for a higher feedback, big salary, big profit, large futures, dream a holiday and dream a celebrity status. Are we done? There’s no point living a pessimistic life, and also there’s no point living an aimless life.

Isn’t it time that, we assessed ourselves? When will this discomfort of the society be solved? They say they have problems only in the poorer countries. Does this mean the richer ones live in heaven? Is a bath in diamonds and salvation in sex, the ultimate? Never. So, what does a poor county learn from these all? What example does a father give to his son, in different walks of life? Does he encourage his child to become like a Noble Prize Laureate, or a Rap star, a successful footballer, the Secretary of the United Nations or the President of America, a great scientist, a philosopher, a visionary, an actor, a model, a business tycoon? Whom does he look for, to make an idol for his children? Do any of them satisfy the need of a father? Maybe some do, maybe all of them do. Who’s there who can inspire you? An image which can make you feel that you have a part to play. A person who can sow a seed of gratitude and humility to do things the right way, the way it needs to be done. Is there any human alive this day, who can inspire you to live a life where you never wanted more? A life full of present. A life in which you do not need to grief about the past and never cry about the future. A person, who can show you the right way, the way to a life of beauty and love. And, of course, these days love and sex are used as synonyms, isn’t this a sign of something really strange, humans behaving like animals? So, who can be a leader to tame these animals? Who is there, who can teach humans to love again? And that, the love is all justified. Is there a human alive this present day, whose love is all justified, whose life is all justified, whose vision is all clear and powerful?

I go to find an icon in the history, whom I can say, is an idol. I person whom I can proudly say, I want to be like him, or a person I can suggest to a Father. The World history is full of icons. And not all are humans; some are angels and devils of the myths and some even God. Of course, we do not know if an angel or a God exist, but looking at the present scenario of the globe, one really thinks that devil does exist. Devil, in the form of all the mishaps and ills that is going on around the world. So, I need to make sure that I do not pick a devil from the pages of history. So where do I start from? Ahh, Prehistory.

Men were uncivilized beings then. They lived together but had no society. They slowly discovered wheels, fire, cooked food, made homes and some clothes made out of feather and leaves. It’s funny to see fashion industry still endorsing those leaves, what great respect to our ancient past! So, is he the idol, the one who first discovered fire, or clothing, or cooked food? Perhaps, he is. Hadn’t it been for him, we would still be hanging in trees and killing rabbits and deers, even mammoths, perhaps, for raw meat. So, what I get from him now? I can’t apply his theories of cooking food and wheels and fire today. He was radical. He taught people how to look for ideas, how to think for a better living, how to protect your body and how to eat better food and how to get shelter. He was farsighted, so he taught his son to work for community, as community was just a concept, then, which was near to be in practice. So, I say to a father, make your son radical, a person who works for others. Tell your son to analyze his necessities well and find a solution which works well, for all his community.

Then, men needed a community, they started farming, they kept animals, and had social gatherings. They started to analyze their necessities and together they lived. So, to live even better, they needed some rules, some rules of living. Similarly, people began to know how to trade, and how to establish relations between another human. But they were still brutal. Brutal in living, and thoughts. With trade and business came greed, and lust took bigger shape. So people became even more brutal. People were made slaves and treated like animals, sometimes by humans and sometimes by their own brains. They were living an unorganized life, not knowing what to do? So, now and then came a visionary who taught them how to live, how to be a human, how to get the most out of their livings?

While talking about the idols, while running through the human history, we find so many influential figures and icons. Let’s attempt to talk about the impact they made in a humane basis. All trying to lead us towards a happier and evolved state. So, the search for an idol went through many biographies and myths, many wars, and social conflicts, many tragedies and solutions, many religions and experiences.

It analyzed the Sainthood and Detachment of the 10,000 B.C King Janaka from the Hindu epic Ramayana, also the bravery, self-discipline and love of a true King, a true Son, King Rama, of the same era. The love and deed of a true Mother and a true wife was reflected by the same King’s wife, Sita. An ideal friend was played by Hanumana and an ideal brother by, Laxman. And then there was another King, Krishna, from the epic Mahabharata, who taught to be a witness to this Worldy happenings and how one should always complete his humane purpose, by his teachings in the epic Geeta, at about 6000 B.C. There was Moses, who taught human to fight against bad. And with him came the ways of living for all. The way he fought against slavery, was so brave and worth mentioning. His ten commandments, now become a basis of good living and many laws. Then was, Socrates who taught humans to analyze, and think, and explore. Though he welcomed death with his open arms, he died telling us to analyze. Also there was Zarathrustha, who respected females as the teachers of nobility and purity, and asked men to rise in morality by these teachings. Again, there was Confucius, who taught to live in fairness, modesty, wisdom, sincerity and well-wishing. There was Lao-Tse who always preached about action through inaction, and told to good everybody. There was Abraham who was so well- known for his benevolence, and always treated humans like precious jewel, and also there was Prophet Mohammed, who taught humans to feel the pain of another human and treat all equally. We have Jesus Christ, who through his forgiveness and love, taught us all to kill all our ego and live a saintly life. Again, there were Gautam Buddha and Mahabir, both of whom lived the life of a Sanyashi, leaving the pleasures of palace and preached about self-detachment, non-violence and forgiveness. We cannot forget Guru Nanaka, who always preached about equality in all religions.

And there was Alexander, the great, an icon of bravery and self-confidence. There were Archimedes and Plato, who influenced us towards scientific approach to life. Chanakya, minister to a Maurian King of the Maurya empire, so vastly known for his politics and intellect. We also know about Genghis Khan, the powerful Mongol King, whose empire conquered all Asia. We all praise Michangelo and Leonardo da Vinci for their creativity and versatility. We cannot forget Albert Einstein for his theory of relativity, Newton for gravity, Edison for his thousand inventions, Alfred Nobel for dynamite and the Nobel Prize, Jung for his psychoanalytical success, Freud for his sexual interpretation of the psyche, Hitler and Napolean for their bloodshed, Shakespeare for his powerful and fine dramas and poems and Babbage for his mechanical computer and Darwin for his evolutionary theory, Marx for this theories, Mahatma Gandhi for his simplicity and great inspirations. Our world is shaped by so many different categories fo people. There are so many of them, these icons, in history, who have constantly shaped the path of history and the fete of mankind and has now become a basis for the future human.

Bill Gates earned a lot, Pele hit so many goals, Jordon did many baskets, Ambani and Mittal grew great, China is betting for the economical leader, U.S wants control, some are dying for religion, some for nothing, many are depressed, many do not bother a bit, some enjoy in everything, and are in perfect control, NASA wants to go to Mars now, some are investing on green future, others are hoping they do so, all teenagers want to become like the person they see in television, television are showing whatever they like, internet is getting very crowded, so is the earth, but the forests are not, neither is love, Mayan calendar ends on 2012, we are in Kali Yuga of Hindu mythology, world economy is getting very unstable, climate is changing, so are people’s priorities, hate is increasing and so is the global temperature, earth is an island, the space station is in the space, world leaders are having groups, some are pretending, some are sane, some are not, humans want a change, so does the fox in the zoo, Africa is hungry, so is the Lion, water levels are rising, so is the temper, rich are enjoying their monopoly, not the poor, their poverty, Newsweek has plenty of news, Iraq is all the same, politicians can’t be trusted, so can’t be the baboon, skin is selling a ton, naked and in action, parents are confused, children are never burdened more ever, Branson wants to go to space, Obama is fighting, Abraham Lincoln and Kennedy share a mystery, it’s difficult to remove a tattoo, so is fear, habit and loss, there is energy crisis, so was it before industrial revolution, scandals are in the news, so is cancer and aids, humans are getting tired, scientists are growing, people want peace, more want pleasure, some death, middle east is very rich, there’s great competition, people want money, people spend so many, some tribes in brazil threw weapons to helicopters, people are still dying a natural death, blood is still red, people still don’t know if God exists, String theory is on the rise, so are killings everywhere, fantasy movies are ruling their business, specific movies for specific viewers are being popularized, video games include bigger, ruthless creatures, people are working days and nights for peace, for loneliness and for lust, humans were wilder then, now they are in clothes, but still the same, some know how to impress, some don’t, people want love, NGOs are INGOs are advertising more, people are teaching people to look for destiny, some are true, some just fake, some got the truth they searched, some wasted till death, there are more diseases than cures, some are cured miraculously, some are lucky, some aren’t.

The list goes on increasing, and will never stop, never, because human mind never stops, it always searches. It always searches for another stop, and stays for a time being and then tries to find another, no matter, if it takes centuries. So, what did I gain from this all? Did I get an idol from this search? I came to realize that, we are in a great state of evolution. We have passed so many years of human civilization and only recently has so many things happened so fast. So, it has now more emphasized my thought of assessing ourselves even more better. Are we running away from truth? I fear. So, I cannot really find an idol, because each individual is an individual, I conclude. He has his own role to play in the path of evolution. It would have been a different history if Shakespeare killed like Hitler and Alexander preached like Confucius. Each individual is a part of evolution and has a work to do. There might be some whose theories were questioned, and some whose falsity ruled, but they all played a part. Maybe, it’s what they were destined for. So, I ask a father to ask his son to search his own way out, of this trauma. I suggest him to make his son capable of judging right, in this vast field full of idols. Do not choose an idol, right away. So, the father has to give his son this ability to analyze and the son has to develop a longing towards a quest. A quest, that can be of anything, but he needs to have wisdom, to look at a thing from every perceivable angle, even happiness, even God! Only then can he become a human, and it is how he can grow, and see reality on true colour. You never know, this young boy can be the next idol!

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