Saturday, August 9, 2008

Shri Hanumana

A thousand salutations. I cannot humble more. I cannot even rise more. I do not know if I was born, ever, or am I to you, to be in you, your arms and shine in your eyes. Immortals perish, eras end, universe comes to a rest, you stay, stay in the essence, of me, you, we all, and the universe that just rested. The completeness in your eyes, the art of its strength, and the calm of its patience, dissolves the I. Such loyalty, such faith, a compare to none, only you, the mighty, the whole you, a jewel you. Rising, you as truth, as I sings your forgiveness. The I, not me, the I, me, minus I, the core, the essence, the existence of none. I longs your love and then waits to be you, you and you who prevail.

Contained, precise, a dictionary of its own, wisdom of its own origin and truth like the nothing, spread like universe and light like space, your praise echoes like the pulsations of the planet, the light of the core and like the corridor of completenss. Was it, now, is it now, or will it be now that I won’t be born again, you firm your essence from the heart of the Lord, from the care of Love and souls of heaven.

Be I not in play, nor in false, neither in nor, nor in neither, in your essence, in your all.


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thank you, nice! :) radhagarima (@ radhagarima.wordpress)

Divine Fragrance said...

dear brother, this so reminded of Adi Guru Shankracharya's composition!!

Joy said...

That' so nice of u didi thanks