Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I was resting in my garden, just throwing my body in the grass, closing my eyes and just resting like I was nowhere. I could feel the beautiful flowers around me, and the occasional brushing of breeze was very pleasing. Then I felt something around me, something ran around me, and then stopped in front of me. I opened my eyes and sit hastily and was amazed to see a big man in front of me. He was a huge man, he was about 7 feet tall and wore a long white colour robe. He had long grey hair, and had such a beautiful smile. He was smiling at me and looked as if I was in his family. I was very confused, I could not ask anything, I was clueless, and then he nodded his head, then I suddenly with a rush spoke, ‘Who are you and how did you come here?’ He smiled again and then said, ‘Everyone knows me, you also know me.’ I was very confused, very jumbled up, very weird. There was a bucket, some metres away, in which water was filling up from a tap, but amazingly the tap was open, the bucket was full, but still the water was not overflowing. We looked at the bucket and then looked at me, then nodded his head again, then the water started to overflow. He looked at me again, then said in a very friendly voice, ‘So, you wanted to know my name..’

I was very terrified at this moment, I was feeling very thirsty, perspiring, I said nothing, just looked at him. He then said, ‘You see this flower.’ I looked at the flower, and then again looked at him. He touched the flower, then the flower suddenly began to wither, the red flower became pale and in no time, fell to the ground. I was very terrified this moment, very afraid. ‘Don’t be afraid son, don’t be.’, he said.
‘Who are you? Are you some magician, or some kind of …… ’
‘So you still haven’t recognized me.’
‘No, are you God or some kind of a devil, what are you, who are you.’

‘Hahaha….’, he smiled like an accomplished poet, and then said, ‘Well, humans give me many names, I am no God, nor am I a devil, but I am both as well. Sometimes I am potrayed as God and sometimes devil.’ He moved his hand towards me, and then touched me on my forehead, I got so terrified that I started to crawl away from him. He did this so swiftly that I could not get time to run away. Looking at this, he burst into a big laughter. And said, ‘Ahh…… humans.’ I then stopped and looked at him. He stood up still and the spread his hands wide and then vanished just like that.

I did not know what to do, I was very afraid, what would I be like, what will happen to me, he had touched me, will I wither like that flower, will I end? I was very terrified, then I looked at that flower, it was gone. There was a small plant there, at the place where the flower fell, and then I again looked at the place from which the flower had fallen off, there was amazingly a new, very marvelously beautiful flower.

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