Saturday, April 20, 2013

A small truth

If I have to imagine a world, and I do dare, I envision a society which knows compassion; a land with no occupancy for animosities. But when I do ponder, I am skeptic; for the hidebound edifices of haughty minds provide, but a bulwark to prosperity. It is not hard to acknowledge that utopia is a distant dream, and it's conceivable that we may never realize it. Because, despite regarded as mindful and soulful beings, we find ourselves convoluted in a maelstrom of divisions and bogus idiosyncrasies. It is ironic that we all understand the gist of beautiful living but yet we adhere to deeds which only lead to remorse; we truly comprehend the shadows of our own fallacies and yet we choose ways that inevitably results tragedy. So the question is, why do we do it; why do we indulge in tawdry things that we always wanted should never be a part of our life? Because we pretend; inside we are not genuine and when truth debunks the castle of greedy indulgences, we cower like helpless beings. Because we lack the fortitude to face our own inner foes, we cannot forgive and we are ashamed. We neither give any chance for compassion, nor do we believe we are capable of it. A wall isn't made of a single stone, each stone is a story of bravery. One small step in the right direction can enlighten your senses and you can clearly see and face your mistakes. So, why wait for someone else to instigate the change you want to see? Be the change.

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