Sunday, November 17, 2013

Good man

There will never be a perfect man, never a perfect world and never a perfect solution, maybe that's why evolution takes place. But there can always be a good enough solution, so maybe the quest here can be to find a good enough man, not a good man because good can be sometimes linked to perfection, and that actually doesn't exist, so should there be a  word called perfection even in the dictionary? What is its significance if it doesn't exist? Should we make a benchmark for something that is not achievable because there is always a good enough solution, never a perfect one. So there is never a perfect man, never even a good man, just a good enough man. You should disagree? We live in concepts. We live only in concepts. We assume good or believe bad or stay neutral, that is what we do.  

We are always finding a perfect man, in reality we look for leaders, and visionaries, prophets, and Gods. In imagination, we look for batman, superman, spiderman, any superhero, any imaginable superhuman. Why? Why do we need one? Because that it is not achievable? But to have a benchmark, to have order and normality. Very strange that we need supernormal people to make things normal. It means that normal people can't make things normal? Very strange, my understanding. It might also mean that it needs abnormal people to make things below normal and supernormal people to bring things to normal and normal people just stay there to be normal.

So normality is always in between abnormality and supernormality. 

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