Friday, February 27, 2015

A good life

Do you believe you are living a good life? On what basis do you judge its goodness? Is it a worthy or a worthless life? If you were a good son, daughter, father, mother, brother or sister but never ever helped a stranger, will you regard your life to be a useful?, Or  what about the other way round? What about you were never there for your family but helped hundreds and thousands of strangers all around the world? Which is more fulfilling? We never have prizes for people serving their families, maybe it is supposed to be a thing that you are meant to do, so no one gets any special reward for it. Maybe because the process of living together in a joyous family is already rewarding in itself so no one gets recognition for enjoying their lives.

A picture of Maslow's hierarchy of needs comes into my mind, maybe when you have a fulfilling life, then you think about others. Or you can take the other route, when you are self sustained, keep on increasing the sustainability and get even more richer in emotions and finances, and never think about anyone else. So, presumably, people do whatever fulfills them. What about having a balance, what about having a life which is fulfilling the both way i.e, you are a family person, and at the same time, belong to the ages.

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