Monday, October 5, 2015


When you hit the right note in the piano, it feels like a story has begun. When you write the right words, it feels like it is music, and letters show you a musical story; maybe that's why they say "being in the rhythm". How can I write something that plays music in your mind, rather than just ringing a bell? Shall I recite a poem, recite a collection of related beautiful words that conveys you a story? Shall I write a song, words of music? Or rather shall I tell you a story that inspires you, you get goosebumps and you feel like an inspirational soundtrack playing back in your head? Well, I might not be able to create any magic, am no magician. Its weird to think that we all know magic doesn't exist, nor does magicians, they all trick us, and yet we call them magicians and even the tricksters call themselves magicians, much like politicians calling themselves saviors. They know they can't create magic, but we keep on relying on them.

Every country has a lot of magicians, they are so good at selling wonders, immersing you completely in their fairy tales. For a moment you enjoy the wonder and pay to see the magic but once its over, the magician is just a man, with tricks, and all his deeds have explanations. It does, but it depends if you can figure it out or not, but there sure is an explanation. A good magician is never out of tricks, and sadly, we never cease to get startled, and as the magician gets better, we pay more to enjoy his performance. And before you have realized, the game takes you over, and you pay lot more than just the ticket to watch him. Nepal has been a stage, a big stage for all performers, behold, they don't create any music, or movies, or a drama, they create enigmatic wonders, far better than any magician ever had. A vegas magician might immerse you in the magic for a few hours and maybe you remember it once in a while, but here the magician will make sure you remember the performance your entire life, it will be engraved in your identity that you had the blessing of encountering something such intricately convoluted and subtly planned that no matter what the show will be a success, no disaster, no tear, no heartbreak can stop it. Rather, the performance gets even better.

Why do we love magic? The idea of getting gold out of thin air is mesmerizing; Einstein might feel otherwise. It is high time we stopped loving magic and listening to fairy tales.Hasn't the world already seen much? Strangely, the universe keeps on telling the same story of hatred and filth or do we always let the magicians create it? When a magician calls an audience to the stage, and performs tricks on him, he gets amazed with the dexterity of the magician, and at the same time, all the audience, in the theater, or watching TV, will also be inawe. But the person on stage feels the wonder more than the others do. Now, what can the magician do to create the same immersion for all the others? For all the others, the imagination of the reward of immersion makes it more wonderful than it really is. Or the magician plays a very generic trick that everyone gets involved and share the immersion but when you are out of it, and you have lost yourself. This is more than just magic, it is Manipulation.

How can the spell be broken? Don't believe in magic. It is that simple. But what if you are forced to watch the magician perform or even get paid while you enjoy his show? Well, there is no free bread, you will have to pay a very expensive ticket once the show gets bigger and the magician is surrounded by new aspiring magicians. Who is a better magician? A magician that shows gold that was hidden in his jacket, or a magician that eats crops from his own field?

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